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Contact us to see how you can run your own private or corporate Whiskey Stories experience. We have a location in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Email us at whiskeystories2015@gmail.com

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Rachna Hukmani Named First South Asian Woman To Open A Whiskey Company and Launch Whiskey Based Colognes


Whiskey Stories is a Michelin Guide recommended, immersive, multisensory whiskey experience company where whiskies are paired with gourmet chef prepared food, comedy, music, blindfolds (Whiskey In the Dark), storytelling, our whiskey based colognes (featured on Bloomberg News) and more! You’ve never seen whiskey like this before!

Rachna Hukmani, owner and founder of Whiskey Stories LLC, has worked on some of the leading whiskey/whisky brands for more than a decade such as The Macallan, Highland Park, Glenrothes, Crown Royal, Chivas Regal, Glenlivet, Jameson and many more. She is also a new to market whiskey designer & writer and had helped in the launch whiskies like The Macallan 12 Double Cask, Highland Park Magnus and alternative whiskies like Relativity, & Noble Oak.

Rachna also creates her own whiskey flavor infusions and experiments with barrel whiskey blends and cocktails. In fact, she is also in the process of developing her own whiskey brand.

Her events run very uniquely from any others you will find in NYC. Apart from pairing each flight with a delicious food/flavor pairings to delight your senses, she also pairs the whiskies with an artists’ talent to give you a full sensorial experience (e.g.music, comedy, blindfolds and more). You will leave her events not only feeling knowledgeable about whiskey but also remember the unique stories that made these whiskies what they are today. You are sure to get something new and exciting each night since no two events are alike!

Bring some friends, sit back, and relax during a “whiskey story.”  You definitely won’t regret it! Come join us for a night you won’t forget!  

Also check out our newly released Whiskey Stories whiskey based colognes! Over 8 different fragrances available! Every cologne and concept has been designed and handcrafted by Rachna Hukmani with a unique patented process ,

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Whiskey Stories Luxury Events

Whiskey Stories Whiskey Based Colognes (Featured on Bloomberg News)

Whiskey Stories VIP Membership (Whiskey Investment Tips, How to become a whiskey collector, whiskey shopping trips, where to locate obscure whiskies, special perks with a private Whiskey Stories, $50 for a year’s membership)

Rachna Hukmani Named First South Asian Woman To Open A Whiskey Company and Launch Whiskey Based Colognes

Back our Crowdfunding Campaign And Claim Amazing Perks!!

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Whiskey Multisensory Experience

We have venues in Brooklyn and Manhattan. To find out more about events or to host a private or corporate Whiskey Stories experience contact us at:

Whiskey Stories Experiences & Our Whiskey Based Colognes


You can select from our many experiences. No two are alike. A few are featured below & there are many more! Also, contact us at whiskeystories2015@gmail.com to book your own private or corporate experience. We run 15-20 experiences per month with 3-4 corporate experiences every week!

Whiskey In the Dark 



Whiskey Stories & Flavors of Asia


Whiskey Stories & Game of Thrones Comedy





And so many more! Also checkout Whiskey Stories full roster of events here: bit.ly/whiskeystoriesluxury











Check out Whiskey Stories whiskey colognes:

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