Whiskey Stories® multisensory industry training

Since we help guests decipher whiskies in a much deeper way and rediscover their own palates in a new way, we are ideal for training whiskey/whisky brand ambassadors and more. Our founder/CEO, has created an unparalleled new way of experiencing whiskey that includes our trademarked multisensory twists and turns.

Featured in the photo is Whiskey Stories® hosting 25 of The Macallan Global Brand Ambassador Team for our signature Whiskey In the Dark™ experience at their Macallan offices to help them decipher whisky in a deeper way and understand the nuances of flavor, fragrance, texture in a way that created sensory muscle memories in a unique way.

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Whiskey Stories® Whiskey Innovation, Brainstorming and Route To Market

Rachna has 15+ years of extensive experience in whiskey/whisky/spirits innovation.

She was part of the team to help build and launch The Macallan 12 Double Cask, Highland Park Magnus, Noble Oak Bourbon and more. She has led many brainstorms and strategy meetings on innovation at Pernod Ricard, The Edrington Group and more with the main focus on unique product launch, immersion and route to market.

Email us at whiskeystories2015@gmail.com to find out more about Rachna's consulting/brainstorming techniques for whiskey/whisky & spirit innovation/ideation

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